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Big Changes For Beastlete

Big Changes For Beastlete

This marks the start of a new era for Beastlete! Although we had to go without an active website for nearly 2 weeks and delay our product release, we promise it is worth it! We even scaled back our social media account over the last couple of weeks. But it has all lead to this! We have now launched our brand new website full of new features! You can now customize products right on our website! This will help streamline our team orders and get orders to you even faster than before. We have also added more writers so we’ll have articles posted more frequently. There are a ton more features on the backend of this new website that will allow us to serve you even better than before. We have added a new business line so if you need to reach Beastlete, you may do that on our new phone line 704.800.6755. And lastly, we will have one more announcement later in the week for you!


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