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Hydrate to Operate

Hydrate to Operate

Hydrate to Operate

Hydrate to operate are words you should keep in mind when it comes to drinking enough water. Our body is made up of approximately 60% water so getting enough water is essential to helping our bodies function properly.

The Benefits:
Regulates body temperature.
Lubricates joints.
Flushes out waste through number 1, number 2, and sweat.
Helps the skins complexion. H2O helps get rid of toxins which in turn helps us have healthier looking skin.
Essential to help the organs function.
Enhance physical performance. As we workout we lose water via sweat, so it is important to rehydrate to keep performance optimal. Not enough water will make us feel more fatigued.
Increased energy levels and brain function. Studies have shown that slight dehydration can impair some brain functions like mood and concentration. It also can cause headaches. If you have any of those symptoms try drinking some water to see if it helps.
Weight loss. Drinking enough water helps to boost your metabolic rate and can increase that being “full” feeling.

How Much to Drink:
Looking online you will see plenty of different recommended intakes. I generally suggest to my clients to drink 80 plus ounces of water a day because they have increased or higher activity levels. I personally drink over a gallon and have noticed a better metabolism, more energy, and more frequent trips to the bathroom. I think a good rule to go by is to drink when you eat, when you are thirsty and when you exercise.

Tips to Get Enough:
Bring water with you. I almost always have my 2-liter jug with me when I am out and about to ensure I will have plenty of water with me.
Sweeten your water with fruit or zero calorie drink mixes. Some people really have a hard time with the taste of water so try adding a little bit of flavor.
Drink a glass every time you eat. This may help prevent over eating and aid in digestion as well.



Jackie Sorensen, CPT

NPC Competitor


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