Beastlete Rep Application - Beastlete

There are exclusions but our general rule of thumb for someone to be Beastlete Rep include:

  • Over 18 years old
  • You’re active on your Instagram (and/or other social media) account (3+ posts per week on IG)
  • Quality engagement on your posts
  • Have an audience outside of social media
  • Have competed in sports in the past or currently compete (or model)
  • Not affiliated with another apparel company
  • Reside in the United States

Benefits of Becoming a Beastlete:

Depending on your category, you may qualify for: (Not all categories receive the listed benefits)

Free starter package of clothes/shaker bottle

More free products through meeting your stated requirements

Multiple tiers to accommodate different levels/categories of Beastletes

Up to 40% off sitewide

Exclusive pricing on custom products.

Store Credit earned monthly (Beast Bucks)

Commissions earned on sales you generate (We give you a code)

Included in the community of Beastletes

Invitations to Beastlete hosted events and photoshoots

Team sales reps earn large commission percentage

Opportunities to get paid

If you’re interested in becoming a Beastlete Rep, fill out the below application and send a quick email to saying that you’re interested in becoming a rep and you have completed the application.

Beastlete Rep Application

The link will take you to a third party website to fill out the form.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Beastlete!